Go for a Swim

Chagford Swimming Pool (a short 20 minutes drive from Melrose Cottage) is the largest river fed, open air swimming pool in the South West. Enjoy incredible views over the Dartmoor countryside at this delightful 1930s lido. You won’t find a pool like this anywhere else! Entice your younger kids into the dedicated toddler pool with the toy boats, watering cans and ducks. You can even bring a picnic to enjoy on the poolside of this community-run pool.

Another Moorland, community run lido isn’t far away in the form of Moretonhamstead Lido. Heated by air source heat pumps and solar power, so you can swim comfortably even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

If the weather doesn’t make you excited to go for an outdoor swim, why not pop around the corner to Parklands Leisure Centre instead (5 minutes walk from Melrose Cottage).