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Brian Johnston Photography

Melrose Cottage has a new, exciting partnership with Brian Johnston Photography, a local up-coming photographer.

Brian is exhibiting his incredible pictures of Dartmoor at Melrose Cotttage, and if you would like to take a memory of Dartmoor home with you, they are ideal. You can buy prints of Brian’s landscapes in the form that they are shown in the Cottage, or there are different printing/framing options available. Melrose Cottage is not taking any percentage/commission but we just love his photographs and wanted to share the love with our guests!

Brian says: “During the first lockdown I started doing my daily exercise by walking on Dartmoor with the family. Whilst up there I was amazed by how beautiful it was and I started taking photos on my phone. This has now developed in to a real passion. I have brought myself a proper camera and try and get up to Dartmoor as often as I can to capture more amazing views plus anything thing else that captures my eye.

Get in touch with Melrose Cottage, or directly with Brian on Facebook if one of his photographs takes your fancy!